Cross Compiling

↑ Installing The Toolchain  #

A read y to use cross developemnt toolchain for ARMv5, the architecture of the TMPA9xx family, is available here. This can be used on a Linux Workstation (x86, preferrably running Ubuntu or Debian). In order to unpack it you have to execute the following commands as user 'root':

# cd /
# tar jxvf mucross-1.0-i686-linux-armv5te-linux-gnueabi-toolchain-gtk-qt4.tar.bz2

depending on your Linux distribution it might be necessaryy to install additional libraries. Using Ubuntu or Debian you can do it like this:

# apt-get install libmpfr1ldbl

↑ Verwendung der Toolchain  #

In order to use the toolchain you will have to set some environment variables in a terminal window. In order to simplify this the toolchain installs a script doing this for you:

# . /opt/mucross/arm/environment-setup

(Note the leading dot...)

The cross compiler command is called 'arm-mucross-linux-gnueabi-gcc' which is available for execution in this shell now.